Let Your Inner Athlete’s Dream Come with City Beach

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I being a parent support my kids to go for outdoor activities rather sit at home and destroy the sight by using gadgets, which is given to witness the beauty in the surrounding. I have myself been part of the soccer team and even played cricket with my friends till my high school regularly. This made me an athlete to an extent. This is also what I want from my kids. Sam, my elder son is little bit lazy where sports or activities are involved. I on purpose take him out on weekends to the park in the morning or even in the backyard to play ball.

In the beginning it didn’t grab his attention but when I started bringing one or the other stuff for him which was sports related and his friends had them too. City Beach discount codes https://www.supersavermama.com.au/city-beach-promo-code helped me in this scenario as I got the best choice of joggers and even apparels from the store which attracted Sam towards my goal.

My first choice for him to have was Jordan 1 Retro Hi Flyknit – grade school shoes. Though they cost a lot when I initially enquired about in the market but when I searched for them at City Beach I got the reduction which kept me safe and secure from spending much. He loved the shoes as the color red helped in attracting his attention in every way possible.

city beach coupon code

Next month I got him 2 shirts – Nike Cr7 squad & Nike Fcb Youth Jersey along with a Jordan Fleece Full Zip hoodie. He really appreciated the shirts and hoodie as his friends had the same and flaunt on them which now gave him a chance to show him that now he have them too.

This month I’m planning to get him Nike Pg 1 – grade school shoes along with adidas superstar – Grade school Track Tops. This collection is somewhat fulfill my dream as I wanted one of my kid to come towards the sports side and make me be proud.

With the gifts I kept on giving him made him more towards the sports side because he noticed that how cool the stuff and the activities made him look. He even enrolled himself in the school soccer team which was an achievement on my part and I was proud of my son who was no more that lazy Sam I used to see glued to the Television or gadgets.

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