Be The Great Eye For The Good Book At Lazada

Who does not want to read a good book on a rainy day? My favorite thing to do is sitting by the window, listening to the sound of rain as it falls on the ground and read silently for hours. With this, there is a steaming mug of coffee on the side table. Sipping coffee while reading gives me peace and it is very relaxing. Lazada promo codes played a major role in helping me. I get so indulged into the book that I forget what is going on around me, sometimes I do not even realize if somebody from my family is calling me. That is exactly what a good book gives you. I get so indulged in it that it takes me in an imaginary world of my own, where I am the one who gets into trouble and then get myself out of it.

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This is not exactly what I was thinking of doing today while on my way back to home. I had to go attend a friend’s birthday. We did not even talk that much but she had invited including me. I was not even interested in going but I really had to because I wanted to make friends. As I just started high school and had no such friends was hoping that if I went I will socialize and make some new friends. When I came back home I was so tired I thought of sleeping, but instead put on a nice dress and started to get ready. I looked at the pile of books that I had ordered online from Lazada, they had just arrived. Lazada discount code was an add-on to it. While I was checking the books it started to rain heavily. Now, all my heart wanted was to get out of that dress, wear my pajamas and sit by the window while sipping coffee slowly with “The Alchemist” in other hand. I just wanted to enter the world of Santiago, the shepherd, dream what he dreamt and help him find his treasure. But yeah now coming back to reality I had a birthday to attend.

I got out, locked my door and started walking while looking for a taxi. This was when my phone rang and to my relief it was Bella, who called to tell that she had postponed the birthday due to heavy rain. She was apologizing to inform so late; I told her that it is okay. I was actually happy, that finally I will be able to read the book I wanted to for so long. I rushed home all soaked up in rain, as I could not find a single taxi. Quickly I changed my clothes, made myself a nice hot cut of coffee and sat beside the window to read. I was so caught up in the book that I kept on reading till after midnight. I finished it in two days. Thanks to Lazada voucher codes, I was able to enjoy such a good book.

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